Obama Administration Orders 14,105 Fuel-Efficient Vehicles


The GSA said yesterday that it ordered the vehicles from General Motors, Chrysler and Ford last week, bringing the total of greener cars ordered since April to 17,205 and the total spending to $287 million.

"GSA is committed to spending Recovery dollars quickly and wisely," Commissioner James A. Williams of GSA's Federal Acquisition Service said in a statement. "Simultaneously, we are focused on acquiring vehicles that will provide long-term environmental benefits and savings by increasing the fuel efficiency of the federal fleet."

On March 30, Obama directed his administration to purchase about 17,600 commercially available, fuel efficient vehicles from American auto companies by June 1, to use funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act -- and to get the job done swiftly to boost the nation's auto industry and replace aging vehicles with greener ones.

Just days later the White House said, "The GSA moved faster than any time in its history to launch this aggressive fleet purchase strategy."

On the eve of tax day, the GSA ordered 3,100 fuel efficient hybrid vehicles, worth $77 million. With the $210 million in orders made on June 1, the tally of hybrid and other fuel efficient cars and costs now stands at:

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on Jun 12, 2009

Nice article, looks liek you fell a little short at the end there.

While the idea has merit, replacing old vehicles with energy efficient ones, I have to question the timing. Considering our economy is not doing well and the Gov't is blowing money faster than it can approve it, I don't see how this is good for us right now. Maybe in a year, when we can see more proof that things are starting to stabalize, but now? This screams new taxes and new taxes make people scream as well. I just don't get it, all the criticism of spending too much in the previous administration and here we have more spending than a party at the Playboy Mansion and very few seem to care.